Text to Speech (TTS) engine on Windows capables computers to speak. Having this engine applied, Speak It can read text on computer for you.

How to use Speak It

  1. Make sure Speak It is running already (the indication is that tempting Speak It icon pop-up on system tray) and audio output is exist (if it’s not, how can you hear?).
  2. Speak It icon pop-up on system tray.
    Speak It icon pop-up on system tray.
  3. Copy text you want to be read (like it uses to be, by Ctrl+C or right click > Copy). The text will be loaded to clipboard (every data you copy must be loaded onto it).
  4. Double click Speak It icon on system tray then listen what your computer says. If the data you copy ain’t text, image for instance, the narator would say “There’s no text in the clipboard.

Actually, TTS was originally made to accomodate blind users so that they can use computer by counting-on their ears. Speak It is also able to read text in any language, but surely it would be so fluent to speak in English and so ridiculous if it’s forced to speak in others. Thus, Speak It is very useful for you who is learning pronounciation.

You may change narator voice types from Control Panel > Speech > Text to Speech. Whose voice do you like most; Sam, Michael, or Michelle.

Speak It 41,2KB
Speak It 45,2KB

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