Welcome to Sulhan Setiawan’s home.

Where you can find anything cozy and easy about microcontroller, a stuff he has been studied zealously for the time being.

You may also download his self-made softwares which are tiny, useful, and absolutely FREE! All of them were made with Delphi, his favorite language programming.

As a programming lover, he do not cover himself from other programming languages, though. He has also written a book about creating game with action script on Flash.

Dare to test how pure your soul is? Try to guess out what’s secret figure implied in magical 3D/stereo images. You may know the secret of the making as well. In a short, Sulhan Setiawan intends to share knowledge with you.

Who’s on the earth Sulhan Setiawan? Please feel free to contact him, or leave your traces in comment box on related article.

Please enjoy knowledge served by Sulhan Setiawan. May it comes a lot of advantages in our lives.

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