Getting Started – Delphi


  1. Hello World – Delphi
  2. Reading Input
  3. Repetition and Branch

    Examples of programs using repetition

    1. Variation of factorial program
    2. Factorial program using while do
    3. Factorial program using repeat until
  4. Procedure
    1. Factorial program using procedure
    2. About parameter
    3. Calculation of Permutation
  5. Function
  6. Unit
  7. Another examples
  8. Record
  9. Array
  10. Constant
  11. Intermezzo
    1. “Upper” Program
    2. Encrypt and Decrypt
    3. ParamStr and ParamCount

Object or Class

  1. Pointer type
  2. What is Class?
  3. Class have descendant which inherit their characteristic
    1. Descendant can have method with different action from its ancestor
    2. Virtual, Dynamic, and Abstract Method
  4. TObject
  5. Hidding Complexity and Protecting Data
  6. Property

Visual Component Library

  1. Some Important Components
    1. TEdit
    2. TComboBox
  2. ….still being prepared….

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