Programming Technique and Multithreading on Microcontroller
Programming Technique and Multithreading on Microcontroller

Title >> Programming Technique and Multithreading on Microcontroller

Author >> Sulhan Setiawan

Publisher >> Andi, Yogyakarta

ISBN >> 978-979-29-5178-3

Dimension >> 14×21 cm² ⁄ x+278 pages.

Printing >> 2016

CD included

Multithreading means doing many jobs atau threads at once. Time division is the key.

In a program which doing many tasks, actually, those tasks aren’t always in active state, but only in wait state instead. In many simple program, waiting process is only used simply for wait. Usually done with a very long loop called delay. If program doing this while there is another unfinished task, then it is really a wasting time. The better techniqu is using sleep methode. When there is a task which in wait state, then this task will give its time to another task that need it.

As a bonus for microcontroller lovers, this book also discussed a PS/2 keyboard, infra red remote controller, creating simple terminal for Linux, and so on. This book also discussed how to programm a microcontroller in effective and efficient way so it will yield in maximal result.


  • Program Management
    • Main Loop Arrangement
    • The use of Interrupt
  • Multithread
    • Example of Multithread
    • More Sophisticated Multithread
    • Sistym Efficiency on Multithread
    • Delay Versus Sleep
    • Multithread with Sleep Capability
    • Performance Comparison between Multithread with Sleep Capability versus Multithread without Sleep Capability
    • Dynamic Thread
    • Interrupt on Multithread
  • Interaction with Button
    • Two Button with Three Function
    • One Button many Function
    • One Button many Function and Repeat Capability
    • Remote Controller
    • Keyboard
    • Simple Terminal

And many more

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3 thoughts on “Programming Technique and Multithreading on Microcontroller

  1. kang, di cd bawaan buku Teknik Pemrograman dan Multithreading pada Mikrokontroler, software Remote Controller signal viewer nya ga ada, minta dong?

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