Now a lot of places that we can use to leave the file on the internet. From the complicated to the simple rules. Unfortunately, with the easy rules, only allow us to leave the file in a specific format, for example, doc, xls, pdf, jpg, png, and so on. And usually will prohibit us to leave the zip file exe file especially. While the file hosting that allows us to host any file, is usually has very complicated rules. Of which must wait until bored, before you can download, to which must be successfully taken away the download process at a time. Can not be paused and resumed .

Well, to overcome this problem, we can create a camouflage for the files that we want to host to a jpg format. Thus, hosting file will assume the file that we upload as a jpg file

Actually, to make the camouflage is very easy. All We need to do is add a jpg file with a small size on the front of the file that we want to change. Then, to get back the original file, we simply discard the jpg part on the font of the file.

To add a jpg file to the front of a file, we can do it with the copy command from the Command Prompt. However, to remove the jpg is more difficult. First we must remember well the size of jpg files that have been added. Then open the jpg file imitation using notepad + +. Blocks the early part of the file size of jpg files that have been added. After that, delete the part that is blocked. Finally, save the file with its original file extension.

Well, if we want a more simple, try to download a tool that I created to facilitate these processes. I named this tool JpgMaker. With this tool, you simply right-click on the file which we will turn into a jpg, then from the popup menu that appears, select Make JPG image . Meanwhile, to return to its original form, we simply right click on the jpg file imitation, then select Extract fom jpg. It is easy ❗

Enjoy how to host files with ease

8 thoughts on “Convert Any File Into JGP Format

  1. wah…. bagus juga tuh idenya.. kaya patch dolalan nya virus aja tuh… tapi takut ndak malah korup.. hehe…

    1. Kalau korup sih penyebabnya bisa apa saja, terutama justru masalah pada saat tranfer data. Sedangakan proses penambahan ini kan dilakukan di lokal. Jadi kemungkinan korup kecil sekali.

  2. Aku download dan coba programnya. Untuk proses dari file biasa ke file JPG sepertinya tidak masalah, tapi ketika mau mengembalikan menjadi file aslinya, menu Extract from jpg tidak ada di popup menu klik-kanan…

    1. Mungkin JpgMaker gagal menulis ke registry. Tapi bisa dilakukan dengan commandline dengan parameter -E seperti: JpgMaker.exe jpgjadi2an.jpg -E

    1. JpgMaker hanya menambahkan dua buah key pada registry. Pertama key untuk menambah menu “Make JPG image” pada file apapun. Oleh karena itu, key ditambahkan pada “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Make JPG image”. Kedua key untuk menambah menu “Extract from jpg” untuk mengembalikan file jpg yang dibuat ke file aslinya. Oleh karena itu, key ditambahkan pada “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpg\shell\Extract from jpg”. Untuk membuang kedua menu tersebut dari popup menu, hapuslah kedua key tersebut. PErlu diperhatikan bahwa “.jpg” terkadang mengarah ke key lain dalam registry, biasanya bernama “jpegfile”. Dengan demikian, key yang harus dihapus mungkin terdapat pada “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jpegfile\shell\Extract from jpg” ❗

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