Facebook Like And Comment add like/recommend button, also send button, and optionally use facebook comment instead of wordpress comment for your wordpress site.

Each post or page will has Like/Recommend button bellow post content. When visitor click on this button, the specified image will be shown on visitor’s facebook wall, the title of the post and its excerpt.

Facebook Like
Facebook Like

If you want, you may use facebook comment instead of standard wordpress comment.

Original WordPress Comment
Original WordPress Comment

Original WordPress comments will be replaced by Facebook comments.

Facebook Comment
Facebook Comment

Every time a new facebook comment added, you will be notified through admin email. So you can soon approve or ban the comment.

The facebook comment is actually an iframe. So, search engine will not crawl the comment inside it. To evercome this, the plugin will read it and cache it, then include it inside each post behind the facebook comment, so search engine will crawl it but will not affect the appearance. This is for the SEO sake.

Facebook Like And Comment
Facebook Like And Comment

84 thoughts on “Facebook Like And Comment

    1. Sepertinya website di bawah wordpress.com tidak diberi kesempatan untuk menginstall custom plugin. Jadi sayang sekali plugin ini hanya bisa digunakan untuk website yang menggunakan instalasi wordpress sendiri.

    1. You can edit “facebook.php”. Replace “en_US” on line 180 with your locale code. Alright, I’ll add the language selection in the “setting page” to choose “locale code” in the next version.

  1. Hey just installed the comment app and it looks great! My question tho is why am i not seeing comments from facebook showing up below my blog posts? I’ve had 2 so far but its not showing up.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Yes, that works great. Is there a way they will also show on facebook on my page as comments?

    1. 😀 bisa aja. Sudah ada beberapa yang aku pakai sendiri sih, tinggal publikasi saja. Tapi kurasa tidak akan mendapat respon sebanyak plugin ini, soalnya yang membuat plugin ini mendapat respon baik adalah karena facebook-nya, bukan karena plugin-nya.

  2. I got most everything working thanks. I’m wondering if you can tell me why my images for my blog post don’t come through anymore when I try and share to another site like facebook? It used to pull my image from my post when i shared it and now it will only take 1 generic image for every post?

    Thanks in advance – Brian

    1. You can add fbImage postmeta with url of the image for its value on each post. This postmeta will override the image specified by og:image field on plugin setting.

    2. How and where do we add a fbImage postmeta with image url for its value? I am not a programmer but can you give me the location and exact code to add?

      Thank you so much! I love this plugin!

    3. You don’t have to add it manually, use “Set Image” button on “Facebook Image for this Post” panel instead. If you don’t see the panel, then you should check it on Screen Option

  3. Om, saya pake scheme dark. Nah, yang latar item itu kan yang di kotak isiannya sedangkan di sekitarnya putih. Gimana supaya semuanya berubah jadi warna item? Saya cari-cari CSSnya ga ketemu.

    1. Setahu saya, plugin dari fesbuk ini ditampilkan menggunakan iframe, jadi css yang digunakan juga css dari facebook. Ada cara untuk menggunakan custom css, tapi saya sendiri juga belum pernah mencobanya 😀 maaf

    2. Hm, ternyata untuk “kotak luarnya” itu ngikut ke CSS comment theme-nya Mas. Jadi sekarang tampilannya dah seperti yg saya mau. Sip deh, saya tunggu karya-karya mas yang lainnya. Makasih…

    1. This plugin is not designed to be displayed using shortcode. The button will be displayed below the post content. While the comment will replace the original WordPress comment. But, it will only be displayed on a single post.

    1. I got it, if I have now 300+ likes and many comments with this plugin and I decide to change to a different plugin of Facebook likes will I keep all my data of people who already like the site?


    1. Edit apa? Tidak ada yang perlu diedit. Akan tetapi like atau comment hanya akan muncul pada page atau post yang tunggal. Jadi, jika halaman awal berisi banyak post, maka like atau comment tersebut tidak akan muncul, tetapi begitu diklik pada salah satunya, maka like atau comment-nya baru muncul. Maaf jawabnya lama, soalnya sewaktu pertama melihan komentar ini masuk, koneksi saya sedang lambat, begitu koneksi pulih, saya lihat lintasaceh sedang diperbaiki, jadi tidak bisa memberikan komentar. Dan sekarang sepertinya lintasaceh sudah tidak menggunakan plugin ini, jadi hanya sebatas ini jawaban yang bisa saya beri. Btw, thanks sudah mencoba plugin ini.

  4. Hello Sulhan,

    I really enjoyed this plugin. It was very easy to install. I’m glad to know that I will be able to approve the comments. There were a couple other FB comment plug-ins that I considered or tried, but I found it difficult to set up the data for approving the comments. Being able to approve the comments is pretty important to me.

    I just wondering… Is there any way to change the “View Comments” text. It would be nice if I could change it to just “View”.

    Any ideas on this?

    Thank you,

    Claudia 🙂

    1. What this plugin (wordpress term) do is only make html code so that the facebook plugin (facebook term) can be embeded in our website. The “View Comments” text it self is produced by facebook, not by this plugin.

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi
    Can the plugin be modified so that it has checkboxes to select:

    1) Show on posts
    2) Show on pages

    I personally only use ‘like’ options on posts and keep the main site clean. …. so I’d only select #1 🙂

    1. I think your newest post is “social connections” and the Like button also appears at the bottom of that page.

  6. Mas seting biar form comment hanya muncul di post aja dimana yah? Di tempat saya di Page/Halaman juga muncul euy sementara Page mau saya seting statis aja tanpa form comment. Suwun sebelumnya

  7. On the main blog page, how can I have the comments show up after each post? Right now the person has to open each blog post page to see the commments. I want them to be able to see the comments and to make comments with your awesome plugin (btw: it is really really awesome!)

    1. Yes, we have to open each post page to see its comments because wordpress acts like that. This plugin only follows wordpress behaviour.

    2. Hi Sulhan,
      I believe that can changed, as I used to have comments showing underneath each post on the home page before, under a different theme. as your plugin is not theme specefic, it might work with a little alteration of the theme code…

    3. This plugin add filter on comments_template like this:
      add_filter(‘comments_template’,array(&$this, ‘facebook_comments_template’),10);
      If we use a facebook comment, then the comments of wordpress will be replaced completely using the comments from facebook. I myself have never used a theme like you mean, but I guess if you are using that theme, this plugin will automatically change its comments_template.

  8. Hi,
    Installed your plugin, was working fine. My host moved my website to a new server, now my og:image doesn’t show in the settings, nor does it display at the bottom of the new post page. It just says ‘use default image’. If I place a different url for a different image at the bottom of the post page it just says ‘post image’. It did display the image, it doesnt anymore, just text.

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, doesn’t do anything. How do i get it back so it displays my default image or the new image.


    1. I think your server refuse the fopen($url,"r") function. The thumbnail is produced by using this function.But don’t worry about the thumbnail. All this plugin need is the url of the image. The thumbnail is only for us as a post writer to see the image.

  9. I have a problem: the box with like & recommend it’s not available on my page. Only the comment box. Can you help me…? Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Hallo

    Is it possible for this plugin to decide on which category you do NOT want the facebook buttons to appear?! I have got few categories and pages I do not want it 🙂

    Any suggestions?

    1. Also

      How do I apply the css class of “meta-comment” into your code, so that the text View Comments, will use my css instead.

      Currently, the text is blue and not aligned properly!
      I looked into the plugin code but could find it 🙁

      Let me know pls

      ps: ideally, I like to use my comment icon.

    2. ALSO

      Look at my site: *********

      Do you notice that one of the posts will not show VIEW COMMENTS but instead it shows a line or something like that!!

      It does that very often … have to refresh so many times!
      Can you not tell me how to use my own custom text instead ?

      in show-posts.php


    3. 1) There is a function facebook_add_like($content) on facebook.php line 296. You can add any filter there to decide when to show like/recommend & send button.
      2) Veiw Comments teks as well as its icon are produced by facebook, not by this plugin. So, I have no idea if we can change it or not.

    4. Hi

      1) I do not know how to make the filters, hence why I asked you 🙁

      2) Yeh the plugin works but as I said, sometimes the VIEW MESSAGES does not appear correctly and refreshing the site many times is required. Is there another way of doing / fixing it ?!


    5. 1) I think, you can use in_category function for filtering. Try this (I have not tried it yet):

      function facebook_add_like($content){
          $excludecat=array("cat1", "cat2", "cat3");
          if(! in_category( $excludecat){	
            if($this->facebook_like_like_use_recommend)$reco=' data-action="recommend"';else $reco='';
            if($this->facebook_like_dark_color)$use_dark=' data-colorscheme="dark"';else $use_dark='';
            $cnt.='<div style="display:block;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;padding:20px 5px 20px 5px"><div class="fb-like" data-href="'.$this->getUrlThis().'" data-send="true" data-width="'.
            $this->facebook_like_like_width.'" data-show-faces="true"'.$reco.$use_dark.'></div></div>';
        return $cnt;

      2) I think you can try to count the comment yourself from the cache. But facebook changed the structure of json data, so you have to modify comment.php line 20 from:
      Notice that there is ‘count’ field on ‘comment’ array. so you can save this number on separate cache file and use it to make your own VIEW MESSAGE text.

      This is applied to version 1.0.0. I know I should release the new version to follow the change, but I didn’t 😀

  11. Mas, mantep sekali plugin-nya! Ini yang saya cari2 selama ini ^_^
    btw. tapi kok tombol like-nya ga keluar ya di web saya, hanya box comment-nya saja!

    1. Sebenarnya tombol like itu ada di sana, tetapi tidak tampak. Saya sendiri kurang mengerti mengapa bisa tidak tampak. Mungkin karena faktor css atau yang lainnya.

  12. I have two things.

    First, when I switch the comments to dark theme, only the comment input section turns dark. How do I get the rest of the background to go dark also? I’m using Buddypress, with the WP simple community theme. Since its an I frame I can’t change this? I’d rather the whole thing to be dark to match my theme.

    Second, in your developement, can you include a check box to turn the like button off? Or how can I disable it in the code?


  13. Hello

    Thanks for your awesome plugin.

    But since today, I am facing to a problem: I wrote a new article in wordpress but the FB Like and Comment fails, saying that the link of the article is not reachable. The plugin works perfectly for older articles. Clicking on the error message redirects me on the facebook developpers page saying me: “Object at URL ‘http://seube.homelinux.org/?p=200’ of type ‘website’ is invalid because the given value ‘benoit seutin -at- gmail com’ for property ‘fb:admins’ could not be parsed as type ‘fbid’.” I am indeed permanently logged on facebook. On another PC where I wrote other articles I remember I was not logged permanently on FB. Is it possible that the issue is related to this ? But as I am admin for the FB comments of my articles I should have all the rights…
    Thks for your support

    1. With respect to my previous post, the problem does not appears anymore if I logout from FB then login again.
      But I observed another issue: I can send to a FB group but not to a FB friend ? The message is indicated as well sent but not on the wall of the friend…

  14. Mas Sulhan,

    Apakah plugin comment ini bisa dipasang di halaman products? Saya menggunakan WooCommerce di web http://www.bonekaqu.com dan berharap setiap halaman produk bisa dipasang plugin comment facebook ini. Memungkinkan ga mas?

    Terima kasih. 🙂

    1. Comment bisa muncul di setiap post atau page. Dan Comment itu hanya menggantikan comment dari wordpress. Jadi, selama theme yang digunakan memunculkan comment dari wordpress, maka comment itu bisa digantikan dengan comment dari facebook.

  15. Hi Sulhan,
    What are we supposed to enter exactly in the “Default image” section at the settings page?
    I tried with the who path to the image and it doesn’t show any picture in the preview and when I share something in Facebook, is just blank :S

    1. If we specify default image, this image will be used for any post without any image being spesified for it. But remember, facebook will determine the image at first access of the page. So, if we change the image, we have to tell facebook through this link https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug
      I tried to debug one of your post, and hey.. you got an error 😛
      I also examined your site and I found too many og:Image on your site. I think, more than one plugin add this meta to your site.

    1. You have to change it manually on facebook.php file line 402 (version 1.0.0) eg:
      '//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js' change to

  16. Hi Sulhan,

    This is a great plugin! The only thing I’m missing is the possibility to have the fb like-button show on the home page too, for each post that is, rather than only on the actual post page. Is that possible?


    1. Hi Richard

      If your aim is only to make the Like button, then this is possible (not by this plugin). But if we click on the button, the description appear on Facebook wall is depend on og:description meta, and this meta only allowed once. So, we can’t get specific description for each post. That why I only make the plugin to show the button on single post to get specific description.

    1. Masuk dulu ke FB Like&Comment setting, dan masukkan ID facebookmu ke dalam fb:admins. Jika belum tahu berapa ID facebookmu, Klok saja pada tombbol Login di bawahnya. Itu sebuah aplikasi facebook yang tidak melakukan apapun, kecuali menunjukkan berapa ID facebookmu. Nah, jika ID tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam fb:admins, maka setiap komentar yang masuk bisa dimoderasi olehmu. Tentu saja tergantung seting yang dilakukan olehmu di facebooknya. Coba saja buka salah satu post dan lihat bahwa setelah memasukkan IDmu sebagai admin, maka ada link untuk moderasi dan link untuk setting
      Moderasi Komentar

    1. No settings option for you plugin on my plugin list and FB comment box doesnot appear instead same wordpress comment is shown. Help me with that. I have read previous comments but nothing seems to be helpful.

  17. How come when people “like” or comment on my post, it appears only on their wall, and not in the newsfeed? And then after I share my post to Facebook, the “likes” from the WP post don’t appear on the facebook post? If the “likes” from the WP post don’t transfer to the FB post, it will disappear from newsfeed very quickly (and no one will ever see it)

  18. hi there, i would like to check that why i will not able to receive any email when someone post the comment? Previously i am able to receive but now it seems not coming in. Please advice. Thanks

  19. Is there a way to just set the first image as the og:image field? I understand going into the post and setting the URL to the image; however, I use a blog writer to make my posts and was hoping there was just an automated way to just set the first image?

    1. I never tried this, but if you just remove og:image field, then facebook will decide which image to be used. So, just edit facebook.php and then remove the lines which will add that field in function facebook_like_add_meta.
      Ok, I will consider this for future version so we can just give or remove a check mark. Thanks ❗

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